Overwatch is a colorful first person shooting game, brought to us by the creative minds at Blizzard entertainment, that has taken the gaming community by storm! With its vast array of vibrant and diverse characters, there is someone for everyone to enjoy.  



Don't worry, loves! Cavalry's here! Tracer probably the most recognizable character in the cast, being the poster child in most of the promotional material for the game. Fans young and old have clung to her vibrant and carefree personality, cheering on her fight for the good in the world.



Heroes never die! Mercy is the Guardian angel of the battlefield, using her abilities to revive fallen comrades or keep them in top fighting condition. Dr. Angela Ziegler would normally have nothing to do with warfare, preferring the peaceful lifestyle as a medical doctor tending to the injured.



No one can hide from my sight. This former ballet dancer is believed to be the world's most skilled assassin after being brainwashed by the terrorist organization Talon. It seems all trace of emotion and humanity has been stripped from her, leaving her a patient and effective killer. She seems to have a rivalry with the energetic Tracer. 

Lucio rgb-01.jpg


Let's break it DOWN! This freedom-fighting DJ helps his team by providing offensive sound-blasting, mixed with healing and speed boosting support abilities. Hailing from Brazil, he'd love nothing more than to see the world at peace, and people "free to live as they choose."

omnic- more thanrgb-01.jpg

The Omnic Resistance 

Omics, the robots of the Overwatch universe were built to serve, using A.I. they learned and grew. With this learning they understood their place in the world. As their programming evolved  so did their desire for rights and to be treated "more than ones and zeros"



Freeze! Don't move! A scientist frozen in time, this Chinese climatologist wants to make the world a better place by preventing the decay of our environment. Recently defrosted from stasis in an Antarctic research facility and armed with her a-MEI-zing modified hair-dryer, she'll force the opposing team to "chill out!"